DIDI Design Challenge

The DIDI Design Challenge is required for applicants that do not have a portfolio. It helps Admissions evaluate how a potential student ideates, creates and visually communicates their ideas.

The Challenge

Create a visual response to a problem of your choice, and communicate it across three different mediums. A design challenge is defined as a product, service or solution, intended to improve well-being, solve a problem or make life easier. Identify the problem you would like to solve, or a product you would like to create or improve. An example of a design challenge could be a new idea for a cup design for use by amputees. Communicate your idea in three different formats, which can include digital, illustrative, film, photography, sculpture, etc. Write an essay of not more than 300 words describing your process from ideation through development, including how you selected the design challenge.

Submissions for the DIDI Design Challenge are accepted through our application platform only. The maximum file size should be no larger than 20MG in total.