Full Scholarship Challenge

DIDI provides full scholarships to students who demonstrate outstanding design talent. Once you apply and receive admission to DIDI, you can participate in the challenge with a chance of being awarded a 4-year scholarship from Dubai Holding or Kart Group.

Design Brief

Design a game that future colonizers of Mars can play with during their free time.

Choose one from the below two scenarios:

  1. Design a game during the journey
    To be played in zero gravity environments, for example in the spaceship during the journey from Earth to Mars.
  2. Design a game on Mars
    To reduced gravity and barren environments, such as on Mars itself.

Download Full Brief


Submission Requirements  

You are required to submit a PDF document to DIDI Design Challenge that contains the following:

  • Full-page visuals (max size 10mb)
  • 500-word narrative, fictional or factual about your proposal
  • Images of a prototype, model (optional)
  • 1 Video 60 seconds long (optional)


Please deliver all submissions by July 11, 2019, to DIDI Design Challenge.

Finalists will be requested to present to the jurors on July 14, 2019.