The establishment of DIDI acknowledges the wealth of rich design talent that already exists across the region and the power of such talent to transform industries and societies.

As such, DIDI is grounded in an ambition to develop the next generation of this region’s designers, and nurture the creative minds that will drive its innovation and growth from within. Our unique approach to learning, our industry-leading partners and our state-of-the-art facilities will empower our students to follow their passion and develop the skills needed to succeed in the global innovation-driven economy.

DIDI will create leaders and influencers of the 21st Century.

DIDI will deliver a world class curriculum and global research to create a new generation of skilled individuals in the region.

DIDI will provide a new ecosystem of learning experiences.

DIDI will provide students with mentorship and access to incubation support.

DIDI will use design as the new language of change.