Dubai Institute of Design & Innovation Factsheet

The School:

• DIDI will offer a world class curriculum that will help create a new generation of skilled people in the region, by using design as the vehicle for change to help shape the future of civilizations and contribute to the happiness of societies.

• DIDI will bring together two of the foremost universities in design and innovation in the world, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and The New School’s Parsons School of Design (Parsons), allowing for DIDI to develop a robust curriculum based on the legacy of these leading entities. The collaboration has made it possible to fuse design and innovation to develop a curriculum that will foster world-class talent in Dubai.

• The collaboration will bring in world-class lecturers and facilities, thus providing students with the access to the best design education the region provides.

• DIDI is set to be a private, non-profit educational institution that will be accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.


• DIDI has entered into strategic collaborations with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and The New School’s Parsons School of Design (Parsons) to develop a curriculum that is designed to empower students to map out their own four-year educational journey. DIDI offers the region’s first Bachelor of Design degree with cross concentrations in Product Design, Strategic Design Management, Visual Arts, Media and Fashion Design.

• DIDI will offer an innovative, non-traditional concentration structure, with a low student to teacher ratio that ensures all students receive one-to-one interaction and uninterrupted attention from the faculty. The faculty will act as mentors and advisors, closely working with each student to help design their career path.

• The DIDI curriculum will be studio-centric and provide a hands-on approach for its courses, rather than a modular design approach. The curriculum will address the 3Cs – Concept, Communication and Craft. Students will not just learn to think in the language of design – they will be creators in the studio, actually applying their knowledge and skills at the same time to develop their designs.


• As an integral part of the design community, DIDI is located in the Creative Community at Dubai Design District (d3) and provides students with a truly immersive experience, exposing them to the influencers and ideas within the creative community. This will prove invaluable as students seek mentorship and an entry into the design community upon graduation.


• DIDI campus: Spread over 100,000 square feet in the Creative Community at d3

• Capacity: 550 students

• First intake of students planned for Fall 2018

• The DIDI campus, designed by Foster + Partners, creates a unique learning environment for students to create and showcase their innovation and creativity. The space is laid out in a ‘mega’ studio setting enabling cross-collaboration between design disciplines, bringing students and faculty together in a dynamic environment.

MENA design industry:

• DIDI is being launched as a direct response to the growing design needs of the regional market, which were outlined in the MENA Design Education Outlook report released by the Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC) in May 2016.

• The report found that this region alone will require 30,000 designers by 2019, across key design streams, to achieve its growth ambitions in an indigenous manner. Therefore, there is a need to develop design education as a positive lever for the sustainable growth of the industry.

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