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مساكن العمال

Discover the campus 
The campus’s design is based on an open studio concept approach and architectural lines to foster creativity and promote a culture of exchange and teamwork.


Located in the heart of the Dubai Design District (d3), the campus offers students a dynamic and lively surrounding of art galleries, interesting concepts, and artistic events happening all year round.

Academic Facilities


The educational spaces are designed to maximize the potential of visual learners. For this reason, our main learning space is the studio, which is based on openness and direct visual lines, so learners immediately engage, collaborate, and exchange knowledge with their peers and professors, and improve their learning opportunities at every level.

الوصول إلى مدينة دبي الصناعية

المكتب الرئيسي لمدينة دبي الصناعية، المبنى 1، مدينة دبي الصناعية


ساعات العمل: من الأحد إلى الخميس، من الساعة 08:00 صباحًا إلى 04:30 مساءً


رقم الهاتف:

+971 4 364 3400


الفاكس: +971 4 429 0200 صندوق بريد 66066، دبي

المكتب الرئيسي لمدينة دبي الصناعية

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