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A fresh start


The DIDI is a design university offering a single degree, the Bachelor of Design (BDes). In place of a single major, students have the opportunity to combine two design disciplines, from four, and create their own unique ‘cross-disciplinary’ study path.

All first-year University students share the common ‘Exploring Design’ coursework, providing a broad and in-depth foundation.  Year-long core studios, workshops and lectures provide a rigorous grounding in design thinking that encourages cross-disciplinary work at an advanced level.

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Maha Abdalla

DIDI FLUSION Exhibition 2020
Camouflage is a sustainable material for women empowerment. By using an interlocking fabric system, the user can adjust the garment in a variety of different ways to suit their individual needs. Hopefully it will inspire the fashion industry to design with empathy.

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