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Design Thinking for Mars and Outer Space


DIDI’s Popular Space Design Workshop Returns for 2019


A new era of space exploration is upon us and with civilization on Mars becoming an increasing reality, the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation is urging students to open their minds and learn about design for life in outer space, in its ‘Living on Mars’ workshop this weekend.

Returning on the 19th January, DIDI faculty member and Aerospace specialist, Raffi Tchakerian will give students the opportunity to delve in to the age of entrepreneurial space and experience what it would be like to work on a design mission, just as if they were working for one of the leading private space companies such as, Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

The ‘Living on Mars’ workshop which will run from 10am to 3pm at DIDI’s d3 location (building 4, Mezzanine floor), will task participants with creating sustainable settlement proposals that will enable humans to survive and create new civilizations in space.

After a briefing from Aerospace specialist Raffi Tchakerian, students will engage in research and brainstorming sessions to teach them how to develop design concepts for life on Mars, followed by ideation and sketching workshops to help them understand the importance of visual representation in design. The day will finish with group keynote presentations where students will get the opportunity to display their learnings and work from the day.

In line with the UAE government’s latest launch of the ‘Mars Scientific City’, a project which will build an entire city in Dubai to simulate Martian conditions in a self-sustained environment, there has never been a better time to open your mind and learn about design for outer space, in this unmissable workshop.