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Your First Year at DIDI

Orientation Week


Orientation week is the best way to cordially welcome our first-year students. We kick off the university experience by providing a pleasant atmosphere for our new students to transition into the university lifestyle.


A week before the start of the academic year, students have the chance to socialize and mingle with their new classmates and professors. They can discover the campus facilities and absorb all the features of the surrounding district.


Orientation week includes several activities and workshops such as introductory sessions, an overview of the guidelines, and a variety of social and sporting activities, specifically created to enhance the new joiner experience. Students will also attend a hands-on workshop at the FabLab to familiarize with the available machines and equipment. In addition, students will also complete the enrollment process, and be assigned their lockers and IDs.

The Team

Success Stories

Maha Abdalla

DIDI FLUSION Exhibition 2020
Camouflage is a sustainable material for women empowerment. By using an interlocking fabric system, the user can adjust the garment in a variety of different ways to suit their individual needs. Hopefully it will inspire the fashion industry to design with empathy.

Alhaan Ahmed, Abdulaziz Al Zamil and Heba Naji

Global Grad Show 2020
Judur is our response to the food waste crisis. The biodegradable material is made from a date industry bi-product and has the potential to create new revenue streams and promote the transition towards a circular economy.

Noor Al Fahim and
Nayef Al Bastaki

Global Grad Show 2019
We were delighted to showcase A Whole New World at the Global Grad Show 2019 and propose a new way to design energy efficient, high-rise buildings.