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DIDI Application Process

Admissions Overview

Everything you need to know to apply and study design in one of Dubai's most prestigious design universities.


DIDI Dubai welcomes all students ready to challenge the status quo with their talent, creativity, and curiosity. While selected students come from various academic backgrounds and nationalities, they all share a common passion for design, creation, and innovation.

  • When to Apply
    • Applications open in October 2022.
    • The early application deadline is April 2023.
    • The late application deadline is August 2023.
  • Admissions Policy & Rules
    • The general admission policy at DIDI depends on several variables and factors, such as completing 12 years of schooling and an English proficiency test.
    • When applying to the Bachelor of Design degree, whether it is focused on Product Design, Multimedia Design, Fashion Design, or Strategic Design Management, candidates must provide their application along with all required supporting documents.
  • Required Documents
    • A completed online application form.
    • High school transcripts or exam certificates from the last three years of high school.
    • Recognized English proficiency test passed at the minimum required level (Academic IELTS, TOEFL iBT, or EmSAT English).
    • A 500 words personal statement describing the applicant’s academic interests, motivation for studying design, any previous design experience, interests outside the classroom, and career aspirations.

    Noting that all applicants must apply for the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education equivalency for their high school certificates once they graduate from high school.

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