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Dubai the Destination

The Global destination for Culture, Design, and Innovation



Dubai offers a rich and avant-garde ecosystem focused on innovation, design, and forward-thinking as a means for growth and sustainability towards a brighter and better future.


An international business hub, Dubai welcomed a multitude of investors and innovators over the years and has set ambitious goals to take the already visionary city even further into the future. Indeed, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has set the grounds and infrastructure for Dubai to become the most innovative city in the world and the capital of creative economy and culture by 2025.


Estimated visitors by 2020


Expected population by 2027


Nationalities in the UAE

Dubai’s Creative Economy Strategy

Motivated by the volume of investments supporting research and development, as well as the encouraging measures put in place, more and more international and regional designers and creatives are establishing themselves in Dubai.


The below figures represent a vast market for personal and professional growth opportunities for all, particularly for students who will have the competitive advantage of tapping into it from day one. As a result, Dubai is set to become their biggest career asset in itself, and the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation’s role in this ambitious plan is to select, foster and empower high-potential students.


Numbers speak for themselves: the current 8,000 creative companies specializing in content, design, and culture are expected to grow to 15,000, which means a significant need for creative people and innovators. The latter alone currently represents 70,000 creative professionals, a number expected to keep growing to reach the mark of 150,000 resident creatives and designers by 2025.

Why Dubai?

The lifestyle

Dubai offers its residents, including students, a lifestyle that can be perfectly described as safe, futuristic, and vibrant.

The quality of life

One of the safest cities in the world, Dubai’s lifestyle is dynamic, active, and comfortable.

The artistic & cultural scene

Diverse and open, Dubai’s art scene is growing exponentially with a full cultural calendar all year round with major global design and digital events, including the famous Dubai Design Week, Art Week, GITEX, and AI Everything Show

The plethora of activities

Dubai’s weather allows for various outdoors and indoors fun sports activities, from a simple jog in lush parks, off-roading and dune bashing in the vast deserts, to the craziest water activities.

Smart city

Dubai is a leading smart city, enabling its residents with technological, creative, and sustainable solutions for their everyday needs.

Inspiring environment

The city boasts incredible construction feats and a vast array of cultural activities with a multitude of art centers, galleries, and museums, including the famous Dubai Opera.

Dubai: The Education Hub

The city’s educational landscape is growing exponentially, and Dubai has laid the groundwork to becoming an international hub for learning, culture, and education.

Dubai is attracting more and more international students. It provides the ideal environment for students to grow and thrive, with the quality of its educational services, the safe environment it provides, and its diverse community.

Discover the Creative Community